We’ve been married for six months now! 

I’ve decided to make this blog about married life and all that personal stuff!

To my followers that are still here, Hello! You guys are awesome. <3


Seriously though..

you guys can get outta here with your negative shit.

Be happy that I’m married or go away.

Done with your shit.


Anonymous said: Honestly this wedding was pathetic. You had to beg people for donations? and you had to win your rings..? You should have just waited. This is an embarrassment.

Honestly, you’re pathetic. 

To have to come on two both my blogs just to talk shit to me is an embarrassment in its self.

I did not BEG people for donations, and you know what? WE GOT THE WEDDING DONE WITHOUT HELP FROM STRANGERS.

&we HAD to win our wedding bands? No, we didn’t HAVE to. We could have afforded them, but this is a waaay better story.

Get the fuck outta here with your negative shit.

You’re a waste.



June 26th, 2013..

The happiest day of my life.

some more photos from the big day!

our wedding bands. &lt;3

our wedding bands. <3

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"You may now kiss the bride!"
Yesterday was amazing.
More pictures to follow. :D

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Yesterday was amazing.

More pictures to follow. :D



It’s so weird that it’s finally so close.

I remember celebrating when it was exactly a year away, thinking that time would go so slow.

and now all of a sudden all the family is here and I’m getting married in two days.

It’s crazy.

I’m so nervous and scared, but I honestly couldn’t be happier or more excited to do something in my entire life.

I love him. and I’m so glad the time has finally come for us to share our I do’s and be legally bound.

This is awesome.

I’m gonna cry.



Anonymous said: So your wedding is soon, what are you doing for it?

My wedding is in two days.

Right now, my fiance’s family is in town. so we’ve been spending a lot of time with them.

my father is coming to town tomorrow morning, so I’m going to have to spend time with him.

I have to make the cake tomorrow (because why am I going to pay someone when it’s my profession) and also have the rehearsal dinner and start setting up for the festivities.

I don’t really have too much to do at this point.


My wedding is exactly a week away.

I am flipping my shit and some one is going to die.

Holy poop.

Who knew it would ACTUALLY be this bad!?


Caterer rant.

Are you fucking kidding? 

We’ve been speaking with the same manager for a year now trying to get the reception venue finalized. We’ve also now been waiting three months for a call back from him, so today, we decided to call.

APPARENTLY the manager whom we have been speaking to this whole time QUIT and neglected to tell us. AND didn’t write anything that we discussed in the reservations book and did not tell any other manager about our reception.

I’m livid. 

So now we look dumb and we may lose our reception venue 1 month and 2 days before our wedding. 

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